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The Language (Vocabulary) of Scouting

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Unofficial (but extremely useful) BSA sites

Merit Badge "Central" (requirements) ==> but search next site for the most officially current requirements

U.S. Scouting Service Project ==> search bar and links to other Scouting sites

-- USSSP Site Index ==> great for searching or just browsing

-- Most up-to-date merit badge requirements and worksheets (by subject groups)

-- Merit badge booklet numbers and requirements (alphabetical and by revision date)





BSA Council Homepages

Samoset Council -- Weston, WI

Northeast Illinois Council -- Highland Park, IL

Hawkeye Area Council -- Cedar Rapids, IA

• Heart of America Council (Naish Scout Reservation)-- Kansas City, KS


Other "Troop 380" websites

Sacramento, CA (90 families!)

Akron, OH

Arlington, TX

• Fox Chapel, PA

• Newtown, PA

Louisville, KY

Balsburg, PA

Plano, TX

Fort Smith, AR


Interesting and helpful troop websites (and lists of others)

• T-97 (CO)

• T-12 (Ramstein AB, Germany)

T-501 (IL)

Samoset Council units online (all)

T-385 (2001)

T-385 (2004)

Active and cached troop websites throughout the U.S.


Graphics – images – logos – clipart

• bsatroops.org

• scouting.org (index page for graphics)

scouting.org (1)

scouting.org (2)




Links to OTHER link pages

From the meritbadge.com homepage



Equipment online (a work in progress)

Arkatents' "Gear 101" -- valuable overview of camping equipment care and purchases

Everything outdoors! – This site has a list of manufacturer/retailer websites that includes every one you’ve ever heard of and ten times more. Also listed are “email-only” contacts. Three-quarters down the page there are links with recipes & food suppliers. At the end of the page is a hard to find list of gear review and gear repair websites.


U.S. Flag Etiquette, History


http://www.homeofheroes.com/hallofheroes/1st_floor/flag/1bfb_disp1.html (see links half-way down the page)

National Flag Foundation



Seroogy candy bars

Rural Route 1 Popcorn

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